23+ Paladin Artifact Armor Pictures - NICE FOR PIC

23+ Paladin Artifact Armor Pictures

23+ Paladin Artifact Armor Pictures. This armor takes inspiration from the knights of the nine dlc for oblivion, but is it's own set. The primary weapon for a paladin.

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Valor Set | Eorzea Collection
Valor Set | Eorzea Collection from gearsets.eorzeacollection.com
This article was originally published in forum thread: It is the first set of blue gear players will acquire. Artifact armor or af are the iconic armor sets for each job.

Paladin's powerful armor is what keeps them alive during battle.

Geomancer and rune fencer lack traditional artifact armor, instead are able to obtain item. Artifact armor is the set of armor which provides each job with its classic final fantasy look. Pic of the paladin artifact armor in ffxiv: Revealing gallant surcoat (paladin artifact armor) for hrbody by rayrei?